The 5 Elements of a Good Scene

“The 5 Elements Of A Good Scene” by Amanda Patterson | 9th October, 2011 | Writers Write.

“What does it take to finish writing a book?

A novel is written by writing one scene after another. You need between 60 and 80 scenes (which consist of 75% ‘action’ scenes and 25% reaction ‘sequels’) in an average book. This depends on the genre and the length of the book.

Once a writer understands this, writing a book becomes easier.

Understanding (Action) Scenes

  1. A scene always contains conflict.
  2. Build it using the tools of dialogue and action.
  3. Scenes exist for a reason.
  4. Scenes are never superfluous.
  5. Remember that something happens next.”

The Five Elements of a Good Scene


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