5 Tips for Creating Believable Villains

weapon-1239262_640“5 Tips for Creating Believable Villains” by Georgina Roy | 20th June, 2016 | e-Books India.

“A villain is the wicked, bad guy and can appear in any story, regardless of genre. Often, a villain can wear the face of the antagonist in the story – and in the best stories, the villain and the antagonist have been melded together to create an antagonist that is difficult to defeat. However, while the villain is always an antagonist, an antagonist is someone who opposes the protagonist, and they don’t have to necessarily be against each other. The antagonist can oppose the protagonist, and still help them to achieve the goal, defeat the enemy and win. On the other hand, a villain is evil, wicked, a character the readers love to hate. In order to inspire such an emotion in your readers, you will need to create a villain that is believable. An evil villain who is evil just for the sake of being evil is the opposite of believable, and a character like that is only a caricature without substance. Below, you will find several tips that will help you add credibility to your villains, which will help you create stories rich with conflict and suspense.

  1. Give the villain a face
  2. A solid backstory
  3. Make them human
  4. Create motivation
  5. Give the villain an agenda.”

Read more via 5 Tips for Creating Believable Villains

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