13 Tips for Actually Getting Some Writing Accomplished

“13 Tips for Actually Getting Some Writing Accomplished”  by Gretchen Rubin | 20th August, 2015 | Aerogramme Writers’ Studio.

“One of the challenges of writing is…writing. Here are some tips that I’ve found most useful for myself, for actually getting words onto the page:

  1. Write something every work-day, and preferably, every day; don’t wait for inspiration to strike.
  2. Remember that if you have even just fifteen minutes, you can get something done.
  3. Don’t binge on writing.
  4. If you have trouble re-entering a project, stop working in mid-thought — even mid-sentence — so it’s easy to dive back in later.
  5. Don’t get distracted by how much you are or aren’t getting done.
  6. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that creativity descends on you at random.
  7. Remember that lots of good ideas and great writing come during the revision stage.
  8. Develop a method of keeping track of thoughts, ideas, articles, or anything that catches your attention.
  9. Pay attention to your physical comfort.
  10. Try to eliminate interruptions — by other people, email, your phone, or poking around the Internet — but don’t tell yourself that you can only work with complete peace and quiet.
  11. Over his writing desk, Franz Kafka had one word: “Wait.” My brilliantly creative friend Tad Low, however, keeps a different word on his desk: “Now.” Both pieces of advice are good.
  12. If you’re stuck, try going for a walk and reading a really good book.
  13. At least in my experience, the most important tip for getting writing done? Have something to say!”

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