The Sympathy Vote: How to Get Your Reader to Identify with an Unsympathetic Character

“The Sympathy Vote: How To Get Your Reader To Identify With An Unsympathetic Character” by Anthony Ehlers | 6th March, 2014 | Writers Write.

“Getting the audience to sit in the cheering section for a hero is easy—all you need is a brave, idealistic, upstanding, and highly functional character as the star of your story. But getting them to identify with the antagonist, unlikeable protagonist or anti-hero takes a lot more skill. You want the audience to feel sad for this character, or empathy or even just pity.

How do we do this?

  1. Show a single moment of contrast.
  2. Shine a light into our own dark side.
  3. Swing it around with redemption.
  4. Show us why they’re the victim too.”

Read more via The Sympathy Vote

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