How to Start Showing and Stop Telling in Your Stories

book-1740519_640“How to Start Showing and Stop Telling in Your Stories” by Georgina Roy | 12th November, 2016 | e-Books India.

“Any aspiring writer knows the rule of “show, don’t tell.” In essence, the rule advises writers not to tell in their stories, but to show. What the rule does not dwell upon is how to show instead of tell in a story. The rule does not elaborate on how the writer can know that he has started showing and stopped telling in his story. Below, we have elaborated a bit on the difference between showing and telling, and shown how you can use both in creating a successful story. Telling also has a use in a story, and while the rule states “do not tell,” we should not rush and start showing exclusively at the expense of telling. On the other hand, telling can ruin a story, because it makes the story tedious and does not encourage the reader’s imagination. Hence, below we will analyze what you should show in a story, and what you should tell.

  1. Show in dialogue
  2. Overusing metaphors, similes and comparisons
  3. Sensory inclusion in description
  4. Avoid vague language
  5. Telling in transition scenes.”

Read more via How to Start Showing and Stop Telling in Your Stories

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