9 Famous Fictional Narcissistic Mothers – And How to Write About Them

“9 Famous Fictional Narcissistic Mothers – And How to Write About Them” by Amanda Patterson | 8th May, 2016 | Writers Write.

“A while back I wrote about the 15 most memorable mothers from the books I’ve read. Some of the them were caring, some were psychotic, and others were tragic.One of the most interesting characters to write about is a mother with a narcissistic personality disorder  The fact that she exists is enough to create a character with a story to tell.

What is a narcissistic mother?

Mark Banschick wrote a superb article in Psychology Today, where he says, “She’s a winner, at least in public. She’s the woman everyone admires—she’s a judge, lawyer, doctor, or teacher. She’s on the PTA or is the power behind your church or synagogue. She smoothly balances being socially nimble, while contributing to the community in a way that leaves others in awe. In their eyes, she’s superwoman.

Most people don’t know that this superwoman has a secret. Like everyone in this world, she has a flaw. No one is the epitome of perfection, and in mom’s case, the issue is narcissism.

The outside world may embrace her, but you know mom as self-centred, brittle, easily angered and ‘always right’. She may be loved by her friends and colleagues, but they don’t know the mom you know. You get maternal love now and then, but it’s unpredictable and punctuated by control, anger and a need to walk on eggshells.”

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