10 Things Every Romance Writer Needs

medium_10_Things_Every_Romance_Writer_Needs“10 Things Every Romance Writer Needs” by Anthony Ehlers | 4th October, 2011 | Writers Write.

“These are the ten things every romance writer needs to stay ensconced in that iridescent, happy bubble of handsome heroes and happily-ever-after. Writing is hard work, but we should keep it fun.

  1. Quickies
  2. Stock phrases
  3. Cheese and Wine
  4. Secret crush
  5. Break ups
  6. Something sensuous
  7. Good books
  8. Shoulder to cry on
  9. Thick skin
  10. Sense of humour.”

Black & White Publishing | Ongoing Submissions

WriteConnectionsDisclaimerBlack & White Publishing
Ongoing Submissions

Black & White Publishing are happy to read material from potential new authors and accept unsolicited manuscripts for both fiction and non-fiction from the UK, Ireland and further afield. All manuscripts will be considered, but at the moment we are particularly looking for:


  • commercial women’s fiction, especially chick lit, saga and romance
  • crime and psychological thrillers
  • contemporary YA and New Adult crossover books
  • children’s fiction


  • memoirs
  • sport (UK and Ireland in particular)
  • humour
  • food and drink
  • activity books

We do not accept:

  • poetry
  • short stories
  • work written in languages other than English

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