“How Publishing Works: A Book Designer’s Perspective” | Zoë Sadokierski | 13th November, 2014 | Aerogramme Writers’ Studio.


Publishing is the process of getting the author’s story out of her or his head and into the hands of a reader. Zoe Sadokierski

Authors don’t write books, they write manuscripts. Publishing is the process of getting an author’s manuscript into the hands of a reader, by materialising it – giving it form, as a book. This may be printed (a codex) or digital (an ebook).

The author’s manuscript is either solicited (the publisher asks them to write it) or unsolicited (the author writes it, then shops for a publisher). Being rejected is awful and publishing contracts are complicated, so many authors employ an agent to negotiate a deal with a publisher.

The “publisher” refers to either the publishing house (such as Penguin Random House or Text Publishing), or the person whose title is Publisher. Within a single publishing house there may be several publishers, each overseeing a different list based on genre. For example, there may be a literary publisher, an academic publisher and a non-fiction publisher within the same publishing house.

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5 Tasks Which Every Author Should Outsource

outsource-1345109_640“5 Tasks Which Every Author Should Outsource” by Georgina Roy | 18th May, 2016 | e-Books India.

“When it comes to publishing a novel, there are two ways you can attempt it – the traditional way of publishing a novel and self-publishing. Both ways have something in common, and that is the dedication of the author on the marketing and promotion of the book. These days, your obligations, or tasks, haven’t ended simply because you wrote the book and edited it until it was a perfectly polished manuscript. No, today, you need to put yourself out there as a professional author as much as possible, especially if you want to launch a successful novel. There are quite a few benefits from outsourcing certain kind of tasks to other professionals – not only for a book launch, but for your writing career in general, and below, we have shown such tasks.

  1. Accounting and taxes-related tasks
  2. Book cover design
  3. Establishing and maintaining your website
  4. Marketing and PR tasks
  5. Editing and proofreading.”

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7 Things to Do Before You Get Published 

“7 Things to do Before You Get Published” by Madeline Martin. 26 August, 2015. Writer’s Digest.

“After getting published, I realized there are some really important things to do before toy actually start the publishing process. Once you’re there, it’s a crazy world of marketing, promo, edits, deadlines, and a lot of regrets about what should have been done beforehand. Learn from some of my mistakes with these top seven things to do before you get published.”

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