How to Submit Your Writing to Literary Magazines

How-to-Submit-Your-Writing-to-Literary-Magazines“How to Submit Your Writing to Literary Magazines” by Neon Literary Magazine | 14th August, 2014 | Aerogramme Writers’ Studio.

“This article is designed to be a complete and thorough guide for anyone who is interested in having their short story or poem published in a literary magazine, but doesn’t know where to start. You’ll probably find it most useful if you’ve never sent out your work before, or if you’re just beginning to try and get published. This guide is also quite specific to literary magazines. If you’re looking to publish an article, interview, review or feature then the process is quite different. If however it’s a short story, poem or other piece of creative writing that you want to publish, read on!

Step 1: Find A Suitable Publication

Step 2: Read And Follow The Guidelines

Step 3: Format Your Work

Step 4: Write A Cover Letter

Step 5: Send Your Submission

Step 6: Keep Records, Query.”

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Mistakes Writers Make When Submitting to Literary Magazines

“Mistakes Writers Make When Submitting to Literary Magazines” by Eva Langston. 3 February, 2016. Aerogramme Writers’ Studio.

“In this guest post Eva Langston from Carve Magazine shares ten of the most common mistakes writers make when submitting their work.

  1. Not reading literary magazines
  2. Not submitting your best work
  3. Not following guidelines
  4. Making simultaneous submission goofs
  5. Not keeping track of submissions
  6. Making cover letter goofs
  7. Not doing enough research
  8. Ignoring online journals
  9. Taking rejections too personally and not submitting enough
  10. Not thanking the editor.”

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