Get Your Fight Scenes Here: Top Five Tips for Tip Top Fights

Article by Alan Baxter. 15 July, 2015. Angela Slatter

Top Five Tips for Tip Top Fights

“So you want to write a fight scene. Even if you don’t now, you probably will at some point. After all, stories are powered by conflict and that can mean unrequited love, an obstructionist boss, a broken down car or a million other things. But it often means actual, genuine, drag-out fisticuffs. People love a bit of ultraviolence in their fiction and it’s usually the safest place to find it.

The trouble is, most writers haven’t had many, if any, fights. And that’s a good thing. Fighting is not a great experience for most, unless you train in the martial arts and enjoy combat sports. Or you’re a psycho who beats people in the street, but if that’s you, you should be in jail. Go and hand yourself in, you animal.

And that’s where I come in. I’m not a psycho (go ahead, try to prove it!), but I’m a writer and a martial artist. I’ve trained for over 30 years and fought in a variety of environments, so I can draw on my knowledge to write good fight scenes. In fact, I started to get a bit of a reputation for it and was asked to run some workshops on the subject. Following that, I even wrote a short ebook on the subject called Write The Fight Right. It’s a very short book, but it’s designed as a reference guide for writers to make their fight scenes as authentic and exciting as possible.”

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