Writing Dual POVs

dualpov“Writing Dual POVs” by Kat Brzozowski (Swoon Reads) | 25th August, 2016 | Mignon Fogarty, Grammar Girl.

“One of the most important decisions authors make when they embark on a new manuscript is which point of view, or POV,  to use to best tell the story. Once you’ve decided between the first person and the third person, it may feel like your job is done. It’s not.

What if you’ve chosen the first person POV, but you want to include another first person POV from a different character instead of sticking to just one? How will you differentiate between the two POVs, and what benefits and risks can come with using more than one POV?

Why You Would Use Dual POV

Most stories are told from just one POV. If you’re writing a novel about Judy and her journey to become an astronaut, you may choose to write her story in the first person POV. However, since the first person POV restricts the reader to seeing only through Judy’s eyes, using one POV can limit the sort of story you’re able to tell. It may be necessary to include another POV so we can get the first-person perspective of another character whose knowledge and experience will deepen your manuscript. If Judy is on Earth training for her mission and we need to know what’s happening on the space station, you might include the first person perspective of Bill, who’s up in space. By including Bill’s POV, you’re able to add elements to the story that are impossible to get from Judy’s POV back on Earth.”

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