5 Traits All Great Writers Have

5“5 Traits All Great Writers Have” by Kavitha | 30th Apr 30, 2015 | e-books India.

“You often wonder what makes a writer great. Some achieve fame overnight, while others get it posthumously. Some writers approach the purely whimsical, while others deal with burning social issues of the time. There have been great writers in every age all over the world, and the one thing that binds them together is that they have produced masterpieces that are still talked about and read today. There are no simple rules to be a great writer, but all great writers share a few simple traits that help them to achieve greatness. Read on to learn what these are.

  1. Attention to detail
  2. Vivid imagination
  3. Commitment to writing
  4. Storytelling skills
  5. Research skills.”

Read more via 5 Traits All Great Writers Have

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