How to Use the Real World When Writing Paranormal Fiction


“How to Use the Real World When Writing Paranormal Fiction” by Georgina Roy | 6th July, 2016 | e-Books India.

“Paranormal fiction takes the readers into an alternate Earth where ghost and other ghoulish creature prowl in the night – or day, in some cases. When it is well done, it makes the readers afraid of what’s to come for the protagonist and other characters in the novel. However, paranormal stories rarely inspire such fear in the readers because they know from the start that what they’re reading can’t happen in real life. From the beginning, they know they are reading a story that couldn’t possibly be set in the real world. There is a way to bypass this – by integrating the real world as much as possible in your paranormal fiction novel. Below, you will be able to find several ways how to do this.

  1. Search Locally
  2. Know the Facts
  3. Myths and Legends
  4. Unresolved Mysteries
  5. Offer Answers and Make it Believable.”

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