5 Tips for a Successful Book Launch

6272370178_2221fabd88_z“5 Tips for a Successful Book Launch” by Georgina Roy | 23rd June, 2016 | e-Books India.

“When it comes to carrying out a successful book launch, in this digital world of ours, authors often tend to connect with their readers without leaving the comfort of their homes. But, even though virtual communication with your audience can help you achieve a successful book launch, it cannot replace the physical experience of sharing your book and communicating with a room full of fans and readers. Successful book launches and signings help you build up your credibility and platform as an author and allow you to get to know your readers in real life. An additional benefit from conducting a book launch is that your readers could help you increase your audience by spreading the word through social media. Below, you will find a few tips on how to make your book launch successful, and how to ensure you get the most benefits of it.

  1. Find the right venue
  2. Timely Promotion
  3. Be punctual and dedicated
  4. Focus on your audience
  5. Brag about the event on social media.”

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