How to Write a Post-Apocalyptic Fiction Novel

“How to Write a Post-Apocalyptic Fiction Novel” by Georgina Roy | 2nd June, 2016 | eBooks India.

“Post-apocalyptic fiction demands a lot of different elements, or tropes, that need to be addressed, or present in the book in order to make it believable. Post-apocalyptic fiction goes together with apocalyptic fiction, because the post-apocalyptic world wouldn’t exist unless the actual apocalypse happened. Moreover, the apocalypse, the types of which we’ve presented below, needs to be believable. Today, there are plenty of books focusing on stories in an apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic world. Hence, the tropes of the genre need to be interpreted in an original way – otherwise your post-apocalyptic fiction novel will be riddled with clichés. This is why we’ve focused on the key elements that form the pillars of a good post-apocalyptic novel and presented them below.

  1. Different kinds of apocalypse
  2. Before, during, and the aftermath
  3. Types of characters
  4. The survival element
  5. The rebuilding period.”

Read more via How to Write a Post-Apocalyptic Fiction Novel | eBooks India

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