6 Hard Truths Every Writer Should Accept

4508f688b61ba9524fbcf7625b74ee71--writing-tips-editor“6 Hard Truths Every Writer Should Accept” by Dana Elmendorf | 1st April, 2016 | Writer’s Digest

“From a person who never dreamed of writing a book to published author, I’ve learned some things along the way. There are a few hard truths I feel every writer should accept. The sooner you accept them, the sooner you’ll stop obsessing about them and the sooner you can do the work to get yourself published. Yes, there are exceptions along the way; examples of authors who have defied the odds and made publishing look easy. This isn’t for them.  It’s for you. Here’s a little tough love.

  1. It won’t be your first novel.
  2. First drafts always suck.
  3. Your husband, mother, sister, best friend, coworker or the neighbor who is a high school English teacher does not qualify as a critique partner.
  4. Your journey will not be the same journey as your peer’s journey.
  5. Being good isn’t good enough.
  6. Pay your dues.”

Read more via 6 Hard Truths Every Writer Should Accept | WritersDigest.com

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