10 Ways to Tell a Story – All about viewpoint

“10 Ways to Tell a Story – All about viewpoint”  by Amanda Patterson | 5th June, 2013 | Writers Write

Which viewpoint should you use?

As a writer you can choose to tell your story using first person, second person, or third person as your viewpoint. Different viewpoints suit different stories. Different tenses suit different types of stories. Memoirs, for example, are almost always written in first person present tense. Crime fiction, especially in the police procedural genre, is almost always written in third person past tense.

There are no absolute rules for choosing a viewpoint for your story. You can even choose to tell the story from multiple viewpoints, although we suggest you have no more than three per novel.

Once you’ve chosen there is one rule you should observe with viewpoint. Never change viewpoint in a scene. This confuses readers who like to be in one character’s head at a time.

We cover viewpoint in more depth on our Writers Write course, but I’ve put together some definitions, and examples here.”

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