10 Reasons Writers Should Be Paid

10-Reasons“10 Reasons Writers Should be Paid”. Freedom with Writing.

“There are so many websites out there that do not pay writers. They do not value writing. They see it as a commodity. This is a horrible trend that has lead to endless garbage being spewed over the far reaches of the internet.

Even famous websites don’t pay their writers. The Huffington Post is a classic example. They were sold for $315 million dollars. And how much do they pay most of their writers? $0.

Here are 10 reasons writers should be paid:

  1. Good writing takes work.
  2. “Free” writers often have ulterior motives.
  3. Writers should be held accountable.
  4. We need professional journalists.
  5. Richard Nixon would never have been impeached.
  6. Our cultural vibrancy depends on it.
  7. There would be no Harry Potter.
  8. We need to be entertained. Seriously.
  9. Nobody wants to pay for garbage.
  10. Because it is the right thing to do. Need I say more?

Read more via 10 Reasons Writers Should Be Paid.

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