Write Connections Takes a Stand

FeatureImageWrite Connections tries hard to be impartial, on all fronts, and chooses not to “like” pages to remain as unbiased as possible but I feel I need to make a stand based on my own morals.

I am becoming increasingly disillusioned by the writing industry. Many markets, in my opinion, are taking advantage of new and/or desperate writers (they’re offering token payments or exposure). I mean, would a plumber or an electrician be happy to work for exposure? I don’t think so. So why should a writer (or artist) be happy to work for mere exposure or the price of a cup of coffee? Work is work.

I am skeptical of publishers who promise to pay their writers semi-pro/pro rates but then go on to add that they’re using a Kickstarter Campaign to raise the revenue (what happens to payments if goals are not reached?).

I do not like the way that gender “equality” has split the writing industry apart. Some women want equality but they act like they want superiority not equality and God help anyone (particularly a male) if they nominate a book written by a male over one written by a female. I, for one, do not give a damn whether a male or female wrote a particular book, I look for a good read.

Having been a participant in writing workshops, writing retreats, and the publishing industry, I am extremely disappointed in the conduct of many of its “high” standing members. There is no support, there is no working together; it’s an “us” versus “them” mentally. It’s all about giving awards to their own cliches – it’s a very narcissistic world.

As a result, I have been struggling to find decent markets that both support and recognise a writer’s worth.

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