5 Disastrous Blog Design Mistakes — Fix These to Keep Your Readers

“5 Disastrous Blog Design Mistakes” by Carol Tice. 21st February, 2016. Make a Living Writing… Practical Help for Hungry Writers.

“If you’re here learning how to make a living as a writer, you’ve probably already got your writing skills down.

But even the most skilled writers can struggle with the design side of their blog.

Internet users are bombarded with information, and each mental transaction takes a toll on their brainpower.

Presenting content so it requires minimal effort from your audience is not just considerate — it also improves your chances that reader will subscribe and return.

What common design errors drive your blog readers away? From my experience as a user-experience expert and Web designer, these are my top five:

  1. The Wall of Text
  2. Bad Typography
  3. Low Contrast
  4. Poorly Chosen Line Length and Height
  5. Visual Clutter.”

Read more via 5 Disastrous Blog Design Mistakes — Fix These to Keep Your Readers

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