22 Rules to Perfect Storytelling from a Pixar Storyboard Artist

Images by Imgur user DrClaww

“22 Rules to Perfect Storytelling from a Pixar Storyboard Artist” by Benjamin Starr. 23 September, 2015. Visual News.

“Back when she was working as a storyboard artist for Pixar, Emma Coats tweeted a series of story writing tips garnered over years of experience. Her short 140-character snippets of wisdom communicate a deep understanding of what makes a truly good story. That makes sense, because while Pixar is known as an animation studio, their true talent lies in telling an incredibly engaging and relatable story – just look to hit films like Toy Story, Wall-E or UP.

Inspired by Coats’ instructive tweets, Imgur user DrClaww has created a series of images featuring Pixar characters in silhouette. (DrClaww’s title image make these seem like official Pixar guidelines. They’re not.)

Whether creating the outline for your latest animation, writing short fiction, or crafting a commercial, these outstanding pearls of wisdom could be the key to your story’s success. Save them, and review often.

Read more via 22 Rules to Perfect Storytelling from a Pixar Storyboard Artist

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