This year, I’m going to write that book – here’s how to make it happen

‘James Joyce with Shakespeare & Co bookstore owner Sylvia Beach, centre, and Adrienne Monnier: Joyce was a famously slow writer. Once a friend found him slumped dejectedly over his desk. “How many words did you manage today?” “Seven,” Joyce replied. “But that’s great, for you.” “But now I have to work out their right order,” he wailed. Photograph: Getty Images’

“This year, I’m going to write that book – here’s how to make it happen” by Richard Bradburn. 1 January, 2016. The Irish Times.

“If your new year’s resolution is to write that novel, let editor Richard Bradburn offer you some useful advice – both his own and that of many great writers.

Ireland has a famous literary tradition and a rich story-telling culture. Many of us will have woken today compelled to honour the new year’s resolution that we quietly whispered to ourselves after the clinking of glasses and kissing was done last night: this year, I’m going to write that book.

After all, it can’t be too hard, right? Everyone can talk, so naturally, everyone must be able to write. And everyone has lived, so everyone has a story to tell.

Well, it’s harder than you might think. How do you give yourself the best possible chance to succeed? Despite the proliferation of self-help books on writing, no one can tell you how to write – it’s a very personal journey – but here are some pointers that might just make a difference between success and failure…”

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