How to Write a Novel: Some instructive facts about fiction

“How to Write a Novel: Some instructive facts about fiction” by Emma Straub. 9 September, 2014. Rookie.

Of the six novels I’ve written in my life, two have been published. I’ve heard writers say that you have to relearn how to write a novel every time you do it, which I think is true in some ways, but there are some basic guidelines that can help you find your way—and novice-type pitfalls that you can avoid. The advice I’m about to give you won’t work for everyone, or for every book, because fiction is art and art cannot hew strictly to rules and guidelines, but if you need a little help getting started, here is my Very Serious Guide to Writing a Novel.

1. Know what’s important to you.
2. Make an outline.
3. Set attainable goals.
4. Write.
5. Find readers.
6. Revise that sucker for as long as it takes.
7. Give yourself a gigantic pat on the back.

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