10 Things to Know When Working With an Illustrator 

“10 Things to Know When Working With an Illustrator” by Marlo Gainsworthy. 5 November, 2015. Wordy Bird Studio.

If you’ve written or are writing a picture book, you’re probably quite excited about the final product, about holding that published book in your hands. You’re probably already thinking about the other main component of the book—the illustrations. I have aimed here to include the least you need to know when working with an illustrator and navigating the pre-publishing process.

Perhaps you’ve already envisioned what your final product will look like and you know the kind of illustrations you’re looking for. Or perhaps you’re feeling anxious as you approach this stage and really have no idea what kind of illustrations you’d like.

Read more via 10 Things to Know When Working With an Illustrator — Wordy Bird Studio

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