Seven reasons why YOU need a creative retreat

“Seven reasons why YOU need a creative retreat”. 19 April, 2015. Asylum Retreats.

You have no time.

You’re a mother or a father, a worker and someone who runs a home. You have things you need to do each day, and they all get in the way of your writing schedule. In other words, you’re busy as hell, you have a day job, you have a family. Although you have a deadline for that novel you’re writing, why would you put aside all your responsibilities and take some ‘you’ time at a writing retreat?

1. To be inspired. By surrounding yourself with other creatives, and discussing creative things, you will find yourself more inspired to create your own project.

2. Networking. Writing is a solitary thing. You sit in an office, or in your special writing space, and you create. That works. It also limits you. As a writer and a publisher, I know how important it is for all writers to create networks of other like-minded people. To form writing groups, for feedback, for chatting about writerly things, and to make contacts in the industry that may be able to give you that all-important lead on a sweet publishing opportunity.

3. Experience. For your CV, to show that you are taking your craft seriously enough to devote some time to getting away and just doing it.

4. Mixing with experts in the field. Most retreats are run, staffed, and attended by writers. Sometimes experts, sometimes editors, sometimes publishers. A chance to mix and talk to any or all of these people is a chance to milk some knowledge from someone outside of your own skill set. Hell, you may even get a chance to pitch to a publisher.

5. Critique groups. Aside from the set workshops and discussion groups, you can form spontaneous critique groups with other writers, and make lasting friendships.

6. Be a ‘person’ person. A mix of a few other reasons, but one perfectly valid reason is the chance to increase and practice your people skills.

7. Time. To ensure that you have the time to write, away from all the other distractions that come with daily life in your home and work environment. To devote the time to yourself that normally gets sucked away by a million other things.

Source: Seven reasons why YOU need a creative retreat | Asylum Retreats


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