How to Sell Your Comic Book

“How to Sell Your Comic Book” by Jason Enright. 4 July, 2015. Darby Pop Publishing.

So you have successfully made your first comic book. You wrote it, maybe drew it yourself or collaborated with an artist. It is lettered and off being printed.

Now what?

You’ve been so focused on getting it made (which is a huge accomplishment by the way, congrats!) that you have not had a second to think about how to sell it. Well, as someone who has been in this position: selling my own indie comics for the past few years, allow me to offer some advice. This blog will discuss how to put your book in comic shops, sell at conventions, and maybe even submit it to Diamond for mass distribution. This will by no means be an all-encompassing guide, but instead will be a good way to start a discussion with some helpful tips along the way. I hope you’ll comment and add any tips and tricks of your own, as well.

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