Dialogue Writing Tips from Bartleby Snopes

“Dialogue Writing Tips from Bartleby Snopes”. 21 July, 2015. Aerogramme Writers’ Studio.

Every year, Bartleby Snopes Literary Magazine hosts a dialogue-only writing contest. Submissions must consist of nothing but dialogue. You can have as many characters as you want, but you can’t have any tag lines or any narration. If it sounds easy, then you are probably doing it wrong.During the six years we’ve hosted the contest, we have read hundreds of dialogue stories. Here are some things we have learned in the process. Even if you don’t plan to submit to the contest, we think these tips will help you create stories with great dialogue.

  • Good Dialogue Should Feel Real
  • Don’t Make the Dialogue Too “Real”
  • Choose an Innovative Storyline
  • Don’t Try to Overdo the Action

Read more via Dialogue Writing Tips from Bartleby Snopes | Aerogramme Writers’ Studio

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