Ultimate Guide to Self-Publishing & Book Distribution Tools

“Ultimate Guide to Self-Publishing & Book Distribution Tools” by Diana Urban. 11 August, 2015. BookBub.

“If you’re self-publishing your books, formatting the finished versions and distributing them to retailers can be a complicated process. To make this complex process simpler, several services are available to help authors distribute their books. And since the universe is perpetually on a mission to make your brain explode, all of the service providers are different: They partner with different retailers, offer different royalty rates, have different upfront costs, do or don’t offer formatting services, etc.

We don’t like it when brains explode, so to save our partners from this headache, we wanted to create the most comprehensive guide to choosing a self-publishing tool that is right for your publishing goals. Note that there is no single correct choice or combination of platforms you should use; it really depends on your personal publishing needs and preferences. We simply wanted to provide information about the most popular distribution services in one place for authors unsure of where to find this info…”

Read more via Ultimate Guide to Self-Publishing & Book Distribution Tools.

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