Kill Characters with Purpose

“Kill Characters with Purpose” by A Beckert. 19 March, 2015. The Art of Stories.

“Google “how to kill a character”. Seriously, do it. There are dozens of links, posts, and witty little graphics showing the ways to cause death, soften the blow for readers, and create compelling death scenes. What is severely lacking here are authors addressing why any character has to die. What purpose does it serve, really? The reasons behind the death of a character aren’t about compassion, dramatic effect, or back-story. Killing a character is about the ones who live.

Get Over It
Death is a touchy subject, but it isn’t the weight of “ceasing to be” that makes it so powerful in society. The real punch comes from the fact that everyone else continues to be after the one individual is gone! Think about it, that’s the salt in the wound. What does everyone do after someone’s gone? They get over it. Ouch.

This process of getting past the death of a loved one in order to continue to pursue health, wealth, and happiness provides the reason for writers exploring this topic so obsessively. Death in literature only serves those who survive…”

Read more via Kill Characters with Purpose | The Art of Stories.


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