How Authors Can Sell to Bookstores

books“How Authors Can Sell to Bookstores” by Stephanie Chandler. 12 December, 2012. Authority Publishing.

“Over the years many authors have asked me about how to get their books sold in local bookstores. As a former bookstore owner, I can tell you that this is probably easier than you think. Most local bookstores, especially the independents, are happy to support local authors. They may even have a special section dedicated to books by local authors (we did at my store).

However, not all stores will be willing to buy the books from you outright. Many will ask that you offer them on consignment, and they will pay for them once the books are sold. In the grand scheme of things, this is a small compromise in exchange for shelf space at your local store. But if you do sell your books on consignment, you should get something in writing. Stores will often have their own consignment agreement, but you should have your own agreement prepared just in case. I put together a free agreement in Word format which you can download and modify for your needs. Note that this is not a legal document prepared by an attorney, but it’s a good start for this kind of arrangement.”

Read more via How Authors Can Sell to Bookstores, Plus Free Bookstore Consignment Agreement | Authority Publishing | Custom Publishing for Nonfiction Books | Social Media Marketing Services | Sacramento, CA Publisher.

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