Creating Believable Characters

Creating Believable Characters   Fiction Writer s MentorArticle by Tracy Culleton. 2015. Fiction Writer’s Mentor.

“Creating believable characters is very important. Your reader has to totally believe that your characters are real genuine people.

You want your reader to feel like I did after reading Daughter of Lir by Diana Norman. It was set in real places, and the first time I went to one of those places, I found myself thinking, Ah, so this is where Slaney sailed away from Ireland, before shaking myself and reminding myself that it was fiction!

If your reader feels like that, then you have absolutely succeeded in creating believable characters.

Now, the reader herself is part of the process – she willingly chooses to believe in these people, even though she knows deep down that they’re not real.

But it’s our job as the writer to fulfil our half of the bargain and make it easy for the reader to do her bit.

So, how do you go about creating believable characters?”

Read more via Creating Believable Characters – Fiction Writer’s Mentor.

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